We have been lucky enough to be taking part in the Whitebait Connection Programme this term.

So far, we have had the amazing Whaea Liz come and talk to us twice about catchment areas, our special Stokes Valley environment and what makes a perfect stream.

We have looked at some amazing videos about different creatures we will find in streams and rivers, and how these creatures can tell us about the health of that habitat.

We are so looking forward to our upcoming trips to Tawhai Stream and Barring Head to test the stream, investigate the health of the environment and check out some whitebait spawning sites!

Here are a few photos of the awesome things we have done so far. Stay tuned for more amazing adventures!

Whitbait 1

Testing the clarity of the water sample.Whitebait 2

Whitebait 3

Working out the speed of the stream. Whitebait 5

Whitebait 9

Talking about how to catch and identify the creatures Whitebait 10

Whitebait 11


Streams need to be Clean, Clear, Cool, Covered and have a good Current and healthy Creatures. Whitebait 12