This week, some of us have been working on our own literacy contracts.

We have had 5 activities to complete but had to manage our own time and resources to complete them with our learning buddy.

Here is what we thought about it.


"Its good because we don't need to be told what to do all the time, we can just think for ourselves." Otto

"It's cool because our teacher can have little conferences and check in to see what we are doing." Taylor

"It's great! We have to just get on with things" Hunter

"It's awesome because if we finish something, we can just go straight on to the next thing." Arden


Next Steps

"I have been a bit noisier sometimes so we need to remember to be a bit calmer." Nathan

"Next time I would try to stop chatting and stay a bit more focused." Logan

"It can be hard to get everything done." Arden

"We really have to work at being with our learning buddy not just with our friends." 


We realised that when we learn like this, time goes so fast because we are having so much fun! It was a pretty awesome week!