Last week we had a visit from educators from the Sir Peter Blake Trust, who brought along some VR headsets for our tamariki to use where they learnt about the threats to the moana and impact humans are having on the environment.  

The VR (virtual reality) headsets transported everyone into different areas of the sea around Aotearoa and completely immersed them in the environment.  This was a fantastic way for our tamariki to see firsthand the impact we can all have on the ocean life around us alongside how through protecting the sea we can help create pristine areas where sea life thrives.

If anyone would like to learn more about the work the Blake Trust does or visit the world our tamariki explored, it can be accessed at their website

Skye wrote, “Today we got to wear a VR headset.  I was so excited.  When we put it on, we were all shocked.  When I had it on, I felt like I was swimming with the fish.  After we took off the headsets, we talked about pollution and how we know if the ocean is unhealthy or healthy.”

Layla wrote, “Absolutely breathtaking.  Putting it on was like a whole new world.  It felt so lovely, refreshing and calming.  When we took the VR headset off, I just wanted to put it back on to explore more.  It was such an adventure going in, hopefully we can go back in again.”