koraunui logo full with paddingIn accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act (1993), this school requires information for educational purposes from families with pupils enrolled at the school; for the welfare, safety and health needs of the child; to ensure the functioning of the school and its related support and health organisations. The school will take all reasonable steps to protect personal information. Caregivers can request to view, and have corrected, information held by the school relating to their family. Caregivers have a responsibility to keep the school informed of any changes to the information held, particularly contact information and addresses. 



Child being enrolled

It is important that the child's full legal name (surname and first names) are recorded on the enrolment form. These are used as verification for eligibility to enroll as a domestic student.

The child's birth certificate / passport must be presented before a child can be enrolled. We can photocopy these for you at the office if you are unable to scan and upload them. 


Caregiver Details

Mother's Details

Father's Details

Custody and Access Arrangements

Caregiver details

Only complete this section if the child lives with someone other than a parent listed above.

Emergency Contacts

People who live locally who we can contact if we can't get hold of you.

Emergency Evacuation

As well as the people above, who else has your permission to collect your child if we have to evacuate the school? Write names and phone contacts:


Do you have any concerns with...
Does the child have Asthma?

School administered medications

Does medication need to be given at school? If so, Please ask for a Medication Administration form. We cannot administer medication without this.

Vaccination Certificate

Your child's vaccination certificate can be uploaded or we can photocopy these for you at the office if you are unable to scan and upload them. We must have a copy before your enrollment is completed.

Free School Lunch

Te Reo Maori Medium Education

This is development of spoken te reo Maori. Reading and writing is in English.

I am interested in my child being enrolled in the age-appropriate Whanau class


  • Medical attention: I understand that the school will obtain the necessary assistance, at my expense, in the event of an accident requiring immediate professional attention. In all situations, the school will attempt to contact caregivers first, however this will not delay seeking urgent medical attention. 
  • Local trips: School staff can take my child out of the school grounds for trips related to the school programme. I understand I will be advised of trips involving transport out of Stokes Valley and/or payment of money. 
  • Fundraising: I understand the school fundraising group may contact me, usually through the school newsletter, seeking support for fundraising activities. 
  • Internet: I have returned the separate ‘Koraunui School ICT Acceptable Use Policy’, which covers cyber safety aspects of the education my child will increasingly receive at Koraunui School. 
  • Communication: I understand my obligation to keep myself informed of school activities, by reading the weekly newsletter, received in paper form delivered by my child, and/or by e-mail. 
  • Record of schools attended: I understand that, within the Education Act, my child’s schooling history will be tracked through the Ministry of Education secure ENROL register, which can be accessed by all schools my child attends. 
  • Attendance: I understand that my child’s education is of high priority and will ensure his/her regular attendance. I also understand the importance of my child arriving at school on time (by 8.30am) 

By Typing your name here you agree that you have read and understand all of the above

Early Childhood Information

This Early childhood information is required by the Ministry of EducationIn the six months before starting school……  

  • If the child attended more than one service in the same time period, please enter hours per week for up to 3. 
  • If the child attended one service, but changed to a different service, please only enter hours for the most recent. 
  • If the attendance hours varied, or you are uncertain, please enter the average weekly hours. 
OR choose One option from the following

Did the child regularly attend Early Childhood Education? 

(‘Regularly attend’ means the child was booked in to a service for sessions each week/fortnight, and generally went to those sessions unless sick, or on holiday, or had a family occasion etc.) 

Please select ONE option

To be completed upon arrival at school


Signature of parent or legal guardian