Kia ora koutou

Planning and Organization for Alert Level 2 – we have all been here before and know what to do.

As you will all be aware, the Government announced that the Wellington region will move back into Alert Level 2 from 6.00pm tonight through until midnight Sunday 27 June. For us this means we will be reintroducing the Alert Level 2 processes around the school during this time, or until we are advised these are no longer required.

All children are expected to attend school unless they are unwell.

Please read the processes below carefully so you are aware of how we will be operating during Alert Level 2.

We thank you again for your support with helping keep our school a safe place for all who enter it.

Start of Day Drop off

  • All children are to come in through the front gate in the morning. All other gates will be locked during the day.
  • All adults, family members or visitors who come on site must register using either the NZ COVID Tracer QR code provided or on the paper register. The NZ COVID Tracer app can be downloaded at from the App Store and Google Play. This is for contact tracing purposes.
  • While parents/whanau are welcome on site, we ask that you do not enter the classrooms or corridor outside the classrooms. Please wait outside the classroom for your children to come to you.
  • Any children arriving at school between 8.30-9.00am will need to go straight to their classroom. Any children arriving after 9.00am will need to check in at the office.

End of Day Pick-up

  • At the end of the day, we will have three pick-up points to avoid congestion and to help us manage distancing at school. Pick up for family groupings - the oldest child is to collect siblings and then go to the youngest child’s collection point, or meeting parents outside the youngest siblings classroom.
  • Main School Gate: Kowhai Block – Rooms 8, 9, 10 & 11
  • Montgomery Street school gate – Rooms 12, 13 & 15
  • Hall Entrance Gate – Rooms 23, 4 & 5


Sick children are to stay at home – if they have a sniffle, headache, cough or feeling slightly unwell children need to remain at home.

If children display any signs of illness at school, we will put a face mask on them, put them in the medical room and contact parents/caregivers to come and pick them up.

A list of symptoms can be accessed at

Classroom Hygiene

  • Classrooms will be arranged to cater for Moist Breath Zone distancing. We will do all we can to provide spaces and environments where children have appropriate space in classrooms and in the school grounds.
  • All classrooms will be supplied with disinfectant, bars of soap, liquid soap, hand sanitizer and towels.
  • We will follow the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health guidelines around distancing, using the breath rule for distancing. A video has been produced for children coming back to school. Please show this to your children and talk with them about keeping distance to help everyone stay well.

Morning Tea & Lunch breaks – Children will eat at their desks/tables inside their classrooms – 10 minutes morning tea, 15 minutes at lunch time.

Free School Lunches – At this stage these will continue at Alert level 2.

Drinking fountains – These will remain closed while we are in Alert Level 2. Children are to bring named water bottles to school.

Road Patrols – Year 6 children will not be on afterschool road patrols during Alert Level 2. Teachers will be on road patrol during this time.

School Trips – we will make decisions about school trips and events as based on gathering rules outside of school and locations of the trips. Any event and gathering where there is likely to be 100 people or more will not be held during Alert Level 2.


Ngā mihi nui
Dave Lamont Principal Koraunui School