We will be doing a Swimathon again this term and that will be help on Sunday 20th September from 4.30pm to 6pm at Stokes Valley Pool.

  • Pool entry sponsored by Stokes Valley Pool. 
  • Each child is fundraising for themselves. 
  • Sponsors need to be found between now and Sunday 20th September. The sponsorship forms need to be taken to the pool on the day to be signed off by a teacher. 
  • The sponsorship forms will be given back to you after being signed off, so you can continue collecting the money from sponsors. Once you have collected the money from sponsors you can then either bank the money at school or online, this will go into the child’s camp accounts. 
  • The children will have one hour to swim as many lengths as they can.  
  • All sponsorship forms must be returned to school, even if they are blank and children are not participating 


The Senior Team 

Please complete the form below by Thursday 27th August to give permission for your child to participate in this event and/or offer to help on the night. The sponsor form is also available for download below.



The Pupil listed above will be taking part in the swimathon
I will be there to help on the night